Domestic Violence should never be tolerated. Victims who endure abuse in same-sex relationships suffer the same immense pain, heart-ache and fear as those who are in heterosexual relationships. The consequences of Domestic Violence are as equally as devastating for them and the traumatic sense of helplessness and isolation that victims bear should not be forgotten or go unsupported.  As we celebrate LGBT History Month it is vital that we seek to help those who are suffering by raising awareness of the support, advice and protection that is available to LGBT victims and their friends and families.


Trying to get out of an abusive same sex relationship can be especially traumatic. Victims often feel a great sense of shame and can be deterred from seeking support or reporting the abuse because they fear being publicly ‘outed’. Don’t be deterred. As an LGBT person you have the same legal right to protection, support and advice as anyone else. If you are in an abusive relationship or know anyone who is – don’t be afraid to seek professional support and protection. Bristol Domestic Abuse Forum (BDAF) and other specialist charities, such as Broken Rainbow, provided confidential support and advice that can help you stop Domestic Violence.